Jim and Pat have been shooting underwater footage for 34 years and have produced over 70 programs.  They currently have two HD cameras and recently captured some incredible footage of mantas & whale sharks in the Maldives; turtles, cuttlefish and exotic animals in Indonesia; whales on the Great Barrier Reef; and tiger sharks on a shipwreck in North Carolina, and shipwrecks in the Great Lakes.

As educators for over 31 years this couple feel right at home in classrooms, libraries, auditoriums and dive shops. The Stayers have entertained audiences across North America for nearly two decades and are popular presenters at major dive shows. They are annual presenters at New York’s Beneath The Seas (the largest Dive Show in North America), Chicago’s Our World Underwater, and Boston Sea Rovers.  From 1996-2005, Jim and Pat produced, Shipwrecks Remembered at McMorran Place, Port Huron, Michigan.


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We enjoy interacting with the audience therefore we do not add an additional cost if the discussion or question and answer period exceeds the time guidelines above.

Available programs: This is just a short sample of the many programs we have to offer.

The Legend Lives …the Edmund Fitzgerald 

Mention Great Lakes shipwrecks and often the first ship to come up is the Edmund Fitzgerald.  Made famous by Gordon Lightfoot’s song, the “Fitz ” has come to represent the tragedies that have struck the Great Lakes thousands of times since man first sailed their waters. Out of the Blue Productions has put together a commemorative program complete with details of her history and sinking, daring rescue attempts, and exploration of the wreck site. This program contains never before seen video of the wreck as well as first-hand commentary on the sea conditions the night she sank.  

Stanger Than Sci-Fi... Camouflage & Coloration of Reef Creatures

Have you ever slowed down and watched sea creatures interact? Their behaviors will amaze and entertain you. This footage was shot in high definition; giving you a chance to see these behaviors up close and personal. This program is filled with sea creatures; ranging from massivesharks, brightly colored nudibranchs to camouflaged crocodile fish hiding in the sand.  

Komodo Island… The Ultimate Diving Experience (turtles, dragons, strange creatures)

The Island of Komodo and its surrounding waters have more diversified life forms than any other place on earth.   There Komodo dragons patrol the beach, while large cuttlefish, turtles, and strange looking invertebrates inhabit the reef.  From the small pigmy seahorse to the 400-pound bumphead parrot, Komodo’s water is truly an enchanted paradise. return to  program list

The Great Barrier Reef-Ribbons of life (Minke Whales)

Dive with Pat & Jim and see why it is called the GREAT Barrier Reef. From the coral pinnacles that rise up from the bottom to the large inquisitive potato cods and the hundred of other species of fish that inhabit it’s waters, Australia Great Barrier Reef offers a wealth of beauty.  In addition, Jim and Pat had the rare opportunity to dive with the world’s smallest whale, the Dwarf Minke Whale.  See how the Stayers were able to capture their playful nature as the whales interacted with them.

Sharks and Shipwrecks…Can It Get Better?

Imagine heading down an anchor line and being greeted by a huge school of sand tiger sharks, their close proximity allowing for great photo opportunities.  On the ocean bottom you are treated to a WWII shipwreck, the Caribsea, complete with her engines and boilers.  Join Jim and Pat Stayer as they take you along on this adventure into the graveyard of the Atlantic.

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Death & Destruction.... Hurricane Hits the Great Lakes                                         

November 2003 marked the 90th anniversary of the Great Storm of 1913.  This storm, with its hurricane force winds, has been called the most destructive storm ever to strike the Great Lakes. In Lake Huron alone, eight large steel ships were lost with all hands during a 16-hour period. Join the Out of the Blue Dive Team as they share the history of the storm and their new video of many of her victims.

Diving with Dolphins and the Wonders of Roatan

Seahorses of varying colors, feeding basket starfish, inquisitive cuddle fish, and large groupers adorn the vibrant reefs of Roatan.  When combined with shipwrecks inhabited by free swimming eels, it is obvious why Roatan is one of the top dive destinations of the Caribbean.  As a special treat, Anthony’s Key Resort also provides the opportunity to dive with dolphins in the wild. Join Jim & Pat Stayer, as they explore these beautiful reefs and interact with these entertaining and fun loving creatures.

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Shallow Wrecks of Whitefish Point

Many people know of the fabulous deep wrecks of Whitefish Point, but did you know that there are many wrecks in less than 50 feet of water.  See three newly discovered wrecks in under 25 feet of water complete with anchors, capstan, rigging, and other artifacts still lying on the bottom where they have been for well over a 100 years.

Hammerhead Sharks of Coco Island

Take a journey with Jim & Pat Stayer as they leave Costa Rica and travel 36 hours across an open ocean to Coco Island.  Off the shore of this remote tropical island exists one of the largest populations of hammerhead sharks in the world.  Join them as they dive among huge schools of these sharks, cruise with sea turtles, and have the rare opportunity to swim with a whale shark.

Yap... More than Manta Rays and Mandarins

Yap this small Pacific island just north of the equator has long been know as a popular destination for Manta Rays. More recently, it has become a premiere destination for colorful mandarin fish.  But if you think that manta rays and mandarin fish is all that Yap has to offer than you are missing some of the best diving in the pacific.  Yap’s crystal clear water is the home of vibrant corals, 3 varieties of lionfish and photographic reef fish.  But if large fish are your passion you will be impressed with the sharks, dolphins, and huge pacific barracudas.

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