In August of 1865, the greatest loss of life from any shipwreck on Lake Huron occurred on the waters off Thunder Bay.  The night was calm  as the downbound wooden passenger freighter Pewabic approached her upbound sister ship the Meteor.  Without warning, the Pewabic suddenly turned across the Meteor's bow, resulting in a collision that sank the Pewabic in minutes.  The Pewabic carried 125 passengers and a fortune in copper to the bottom when she sank.  The copper cargo inspired several salvage attempts, none of which were truly successful.  For some salvagers, all they found was death in the cold dark waters of Lake Huron.

This video shares the mystery of Pewabic's sinking and the haunting tales of the subsequent salvage attempts.  Profusely illustrated with rarely seen historical photographs, this program also includes underwater video of  the Pewabic  today as she lies in her watery grave.

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The Death Ship of Lake Huron

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