book cover Carl Bradley's stern with men on raft

On Tuesday evening, November 18,1958, Frank Mays was had been going about his duties as a deck watch aboard the Carl D. Bradley.  The next thing he knew he was fighting for his life, clinging to a tiny raft as it fell between mountainous waves on storm lashed Lake Michigan.  Only two men of the Bradley's crew of 35 would survive the sinking, Frank Mays was one of them.  Today, he is the only one left to tell the tale and he wants to set the record straight.

In the addition to Frank's story, this book contains the first hand accounts of Captain Harold Muth and some of the crew of the USCGC Sundew, which braved the terrible storm to rescue Elmer Fleming and Frank Mays. Although nearly 50 years have passed since the loss of the Bradley, no one who was touched by the event will ever forget it.

If We Make It  'til Daylight

The Frank Mays' Story


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