A High Seas Murder?  The Dunderberg Story

The night was clear on August 8th, when the year old Dunderberg spotted the upbound propeller Empire State.  It soon became apparent that the Empire State was on a collision course.  The Dunderberg’s crew frantically turned their boat, but it was too late.  The Empire State’s bow cut deep into the side of the Dunderberg.  In minutes, she was gone along with one of her passengers.  The very next day the Empire State’s 2nd Mate was charged with Murder on the High Seas.

Learn how this precedence setting murder case turns out.  Then enjoy an underwater tour of this pristine shipwreck, which lies 155 feet below the surface of Lake Huron.


DVD cover with the Dunderberg and Empire State colliding  & the Dunderberg shipwreck on the bottom.

A High Seas Murder?

The Dunderberg Story

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